Marina Hunziker

Rowing Veteran - Team Prowject X

Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2021


Position: Purchasing, Sales and Back Office in a small electronic company in Switzerland

Location: Meggen (Lucerne), Switzerland

Rowing Experience: Rowing and Vice President at Rowing Club “Reuss” in Lucerne

Endurance Experience: Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2021/2022 Finisher

Best sporting moment: Reaching my physical and mental limit and then get over it. This is one of the best feelings!

Worst moment: Hard to say. I usually focus on the positive…

Biggest Fear for The Row: Disappointing our team and/or getting injured prior to the row.

Reason for the Row: We live in hard times with pandemics and wars. Especially during these times, it is important to stand together, help people and focus on the positive. Rowing the Atlantic was one of the best experiences of my life! Rowing another ocean with the most amazing team to support K9 for Warriors and help people, I can’t imagine anything better!

Most Missed Item at Sea: My family and anything fresh, cold, and sparkling, like a Coke with ice and fresh fruit!

Who is Marina: Marina is born and raised in Lucerne, Switzerland. She spent a large part of her childhood in the countryside with her younger brother and grew up with a great connection to nature. Spending most of her free time and vacation paddling through southern Sweden, hiking the Swiss mountains, sailing the Mediterranean Sea or just having a Fondue on an open fire at the lake – being outside is Marina’s favorite place to be! Marina can be really stubborn (ask her boyfriend Stefan, he will nod wildly when you ask him)! But this is also an attitude that helps her achieve her goals. She cannot sit still, and always needs a challenge and music in her life, but she can sleep through a 6.4 earthquake (this actually happened). So good luck to her teammates! 😉