Meet Nicholas

Meet my friend Nicholas Lindeback.  Nick (as we call him) is 14 years old and lives with a rare genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis (NF1).  On June 7th Nick was scheduled for his 5th brain surgery but this required surgery did not happen.  After Nick was put to sleep, the doctors decided to do one more CT scan, which revealed some anomalies with certain blood vessels carrying blood away from the brain.  They unexpectedly ran right through the middle of the proposed incision site.  The team of doctors had to do an angiogram under anesthesia, and delay the surgery, which has a lot of complexity.  Nick is scheduled for surgery on July 13th.  Nick and his family should not have to endure this type of reality.  Nor should any other child or young adult.  Team Ohana is on a mission to find a cure for NF and we need your help.  Your donation of $200 for a heart will go a long way towards research.